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Cheap Mac Makeup MAC Cosmetics 2018 Spring Festival series has the most beautiful peach and pink Ombre packaging.

MAC Cosmetics Wholesale Beauty brands often launch new or limited edition products to commemorate the Chinese New Year's specific animal. For example, in 2016, we have a lot of cute monkey products. Peach or immortal peach is a common symbol of Chinese mythology in the new year, it represents the longevity, luck and longevity, a healthy desire. The MAC seems to be themed in pink and peach ombre packaging.

Makeup artists in Asia have begun sharing their trailer's photos online. From what we've seen, there is a nine-wheel luck and fortune eye shadow palette, two compact and some lipsticks.

Luck and fortune MAC Makeup Outlet Eye shadow palette also includes a variety of colors, including precious occasions, the spirit of the season, Georgian peach, sweet vapor, auspicious, luck and fortune, lucky 8, special charm and couplet shades of peach. Compact blush duo collected two flattering pinky peach tones, Love Token and longevity with happiness.

According to reports, MAC Cosmetics 2018 Lunar New Year will be January 18, 2018 in the selected MAC cosmetics store on the line. We will promptly inform you more details and prices.

MAC Cosmetics The 2018 Chinese New Year Series will be available online at selected MAC Cosmetics stores on January 18, 2018.

Lip gloss has come back. If because of past thick, slimy experience, you still have not sold this idea, INC. Trusted cosmetics Rainbow Dreams in the fantasy world ($ 13) may simply be the product that will allow you to change your position because liqueur is the unicorns makeup target.

When we were looking for a new highlighter, we needed a highlighter full of prismatic paint, so we got a glittering light. The average ivory highlighter with a glimmer of light no longer diminishes. Urban Decay will bring you a brand new Holographic Disco Stick ($ 26) and Disco Queen Holographic Fancy Powder ($ 26) if you have a psychedelic glow.

When Tarte Cosmetics laughed at the introduction of new shape tape products, many felt the brand finally came out with the shape tape foundation. Since then, we have been anxiously waiting for a correct circular and have done so with innumerable extra teaser. Finally, Tarte officially launched a dual beauty shape tape moisturizing foundation ($ 39).

The 2018 Pantone color may be UV, but we still have a plot on pink in our hearts. You can thank us for our love of Millennial Pink and Rose Gold. Whether you choose pastel shades or bright fuchsia, the refreshing shades of pink can also make your day in the boring days of winter a fresh look. You can add your accessories pink, or you can make your nails.